Do these featured exist? list all rows with the "N" column being less than 100

Im building a tracking spreadsheet and would like to have an overview page showing whats coming due soon

I have a sheet with a time remaining column holding a decimal number

I would like to have a seperate sheet thats shows all the rows with less than 100 in the time remaining column

What tools “keywords” should i be learing about

I have 4 sheets, overview, hourly, calendar, and cycles. I want the overview page to show from each sheet the hourly rows with less than 100, calendar rows with less than 12 months, cycle rows with less than 500

I have the sheets set up to where you have one hour, cycle and date input and calculates all the remaining values. What i have no idea how to do, or even if it can be done is extracting the relevant rows and displaying them accordingly

have a look on

>Data > Filter > Standardfilter …

If you want some excerpts to be copied to overview table, I’d suggest to go for Data -> Tools -> Advanced Filter since this includes a “Copy results to” option / functionality.

@anon73440385: …as well the Standardfilter does!

:slight_smile: Thanks, never noticed.