Do You Have a Component Comparable to Evernote?

I’ve been using Evernote for years. Rising prices have me thinking about migrating to something else. I’ve been looking into OneNote, but now Microsoft is making noises about dropping standalone products altogether & moving to subscription based products. I would really prefer a standalone product that lives on my machine that I don’t have to pay for in perpetuity.

My ultimate goal is to go paperless. I have a scanner & can scan those papers that I can’t do away with & most places now let you download pdf statements instead of receiving paper documents. So basically, I want to convert what’s in my file cabinets to online documents & store them on my computer in some sort of electronic filing cabinet. My machine came with a one terrabyte hard drive & I still have a ton of room, so I don’t anticipate any space problems.

Does LibreOffice have a component that replicates the functionality of Evernote or Microsoft OneNote?

Type onenote in the search box above. You’ll be directed to similar questions, like this, this, this or this. There are others.

The short answer is : no, there is not.

Too bad. Any plans in the pipeline to add such functionality?