Do you have problems with paragraph styles & title numbering?

I’m teaching styles & section numbering using LOWriter 4.4. A number of pupils pose the same problem to me: they have created a paragraph style for section titles, they have applied it where appropriate & they have configured it in the “Outline Numbering” dialog… but things don’t work as expected. Typically, some titles don’t show any numbering.

After a lot of trial & error, we have found the problem dissapears, in a paragraph-by-paragraph basis, if you apply a different paragraph style to the misbehaving title and then reapply the style it previously had.

Have you observed the same problem? Is it a known bug? Is there a way to avoid it (instead of having to solve it when detected)? Are newer versions free of this problem?


So many questions, so few answers. Add your OS to the Q & you may get an answer.

I have also seen this style numbering problem, and +1 for the tip about how to fix it! After the old style is reapplied to a paragraph, I find I have to manually tell it to not restart numbering, i.e. “Continue previous numbering”.