Do you prefer to discuss the Ask site locally, or on the website list?

There are a couple of different venues where we may discuss the Ask site, including

  • The Ask site
  • The website mailing list
  • IRC (we don’t have a dedicated Ask-site channel)
  • A mailing list for AskLibo (we’d need to set one up)

Topics that we might cover include

  • Planning improvements or changes
  • Discussing issues we’re having
  • Coordinating with other sites/groups/people

Where would you like this discussion to take place?

OP: @qubit1

In a mailing list for AskLibO.

IRC requires that people are online simultaneously and AskLibO won’t keep a subject on-top so the discussion will not be visible for long (minutes?)

@Pedro1 – Good points. I added your suggestion to the list. What are the benefits of a separate mailing list for AskLibo?

I also turned my posts into wikis so that people can edit them directly.

Only 10 people have enough karma to edit it… My only argument for a separate list is that it doesn’t fit in any of the existing lists… Maybe create a Support mailing list and having a AskLibO topic is enough?

@Pedro1, I like the idea of a separate mailing list, but until we have enough traffic to justify a new list, I suggest we use the website list. If anyone gets uppity about the volume of traffic or indicates that our chatter is off-topic for the website list, we can ask for a new list then :slight_smile:

Pros/Cons of a separate list for AskLibo:


  • Concentrate on the Ask site specifically
  • Lower traffic
  • Focused discussion
  • Easier to get work done


  • Separate list to maintain
  • One more list to subscribe to
  • More insular conversation/planning