Do you want to replace the contents of __Anonymous_Sheet_DB__?

Hello, everyone and thank you in advance!

I have some database ranges, and they disappear every now and then. Also, when I want to create them anew and I drag the table from sources into the spreadsheet, I get this dialog "“Do you want to replace the contents of Anonymous_Sheet_DB?” and when I click on “yes” I get this error “The target database range does not exist.”

Any ideas what is going on?

Under “Options”, make sure that “Insert or delete cells” is checked. By default, it is unchecked, which makes no sense at all. This option ensures that the dimensions of the cell range are adjusted to the new record set.

Alright, I will do so and see how the program behaves over time. Thanks for the tip, Villeroy =)

I went to Define Range, and created a new range by entering a name and defining its range and clicking on Add. Then, I dragged the table onto the new range.

But ranges vanish sporadically. It is very annoying to have to redefine them every few changes.