DocInformation fields can't be updated

I’ve just opened an existing document that has a no. of Custom DocInformation fields.

The problem is that I’m unable to edit the values for these existing fields.

If I right click on an existing field I get a menu item ‘Edit Fields…’

The ‘Edit Fields’ dialog opens and highlights the field I right clicked on.

I then see the ‘Select’ and ‘Format’ columns.
These are both greyed out and empty.

The ‘Edit’ Button below the ‘Type’ list is also greyed out.

How do I go about editing these Custom DocInformation fields?

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So I finally found out how to do this.

DocInformation fields are maintained from the ‘Properties’ dialog.

File | Properties.

The select the ‘Custom Properties’ tab.

If the libreoffice devs are listening the whole edit/creation of fields/references/bookmarks in libre office is really really badly done.