Docs being saved as "Text Edit"

How do I stop all docs being saved as “Text Edit”?

I’ve re-downloaded Libre Office but it’s still happening.


Includes docs exported as pdfs.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Are you saving your Writer files as .odt files? If so, it’s not a LibreOffice problem, per se. In Finder select your Writer document and go to “File > Get Info” (or press Cmd-i). In the Get Info window’s “Open With” section, click the drop-down list (it probably says “” at this point) and choose “”, then click the “Change All” checkbox. Finder will ask you to confirm. After that all your Writer docs should open in LibreOffice automatically.

If you are saving your Writer documents as .txt, know that macOS is set to open all .txt files in TextEdit. You can either accept this and use “Open With…” to open selected files in LibreOffice or change all .txt files to be opened in LibreOffice with the same method above. But all your .txt files, regardless of the app used to create them, will then open in LibreOffice.

I’m not sure why your PDFs are opening in TextEdit but using the same “Change All” method you should be able to set “Preview” or “Adobe Acrobat” as your default PDF app.

Many thanks! That seems to be doing the trick - really appreciate your detailed instructions :slight_smile:

I save as docx files. My problem is that I cannot find the File>Get Into, to change from Text Edit to Libreoffice. I sue a desktop and have also tried cntrl i, nothing. How can I get to the “Open with” drop down box?