Docs save to Drafts, attempts to recover Fail then finally Doc opens


I am using Libre Office Writer 7.5 that is set to automatically apply updates (from Libre) as they are available.
When I save my work it goes into a file the address being only partly visible << SO >3 > Attachments .
Clicking on the item the response is xxx. odt already exists Do you want to replace it?
But some of the documents when* I find them in documents (as some I don’t find) on trying to open them have a message Does not exist

Trying to open the document ( book of 360+ pages) it opens Document Recovery page with the document highlighted and a message Not recovered yet.

Clicking Recover Selected the response is Recovery Failed but generally the document opens.

Is it possible to get out of this merry go round?

As it seems to be, on first look, a file management issue you really need to provide the information asked for in the How to use the Ask site.

You also should add any additional information relating to your file system such as network system and protocols.

When the document "generally opens’’ I would be inclined to save a dated copy each time until issue is resolved.