Document appears in portrait orientation but prints in landscape orientation

My document prints in the wrong orientation and the option to choose portrait or landscape is missing from the Print Dialog. Both Format-Page and Print Preview in LibreOffice Writer show the correct orientation. This only happens in LO - other applications are ok. Mac OS 10.11.6, Canon printer, LibreOffice v. Version: Build ID: 686f202eff87ef707079aeb7f485847613344eb7.

The relevant information should be: On Mac, Paper size ‘Letter’ by default.
If otherwise, please come back and explain.
(Similar questions were asked about 100 times now.)

I’m having the same issue after upgrading to on OSX 10.9.5.
All Writer documents, whether created in an earlier version, or in the current version, insist on printing in landscape. All defaults are properly set.
Are there a 100 answers to these 100 questions? All we need is one–that’s the correct one. Thanks.

Did you reed the answer I linked to, containing the known workarounds?
Did you read the comment by @mikekaganski?
Surely you will consider how to contribute in the future.

Lupp, you’re not answering the question that being asked. Clearly you don’t understand what the problem is. This issue arose with the last update, and the most recent stable version available for a Mac running 10.9.5 that I can find,, does not solve it.

Can you read?

@daveduck: yes, @Lupp didn’t answer the question you asked: “Are there a 100 answers to these 100 questions?”. You didn’t ask other questions btw. Not sure if you really needed to know how many answers exactly are there to those duplicates. However, he mentioned one single place where to look for known workarounds, and the fact that (not-yet-released) versions finally fixed the bug.

That you only have it after last update is just coincidence.

The snarky tone in Lupp’s initial reply, and then in his reply to me, and then in his second reply to me, was rude and unproductive. And while I appreciate that a not-yet-released version fixes the bug, it is a not-yet-released version, which is rather useless as a solution today. I’ve reverted back to Problem solved. Thanks.

Using the most current version of Mac OS and Libreoffice. A page that prints correctly in Apple Pages, Apple Preview, and Office 365 does not print in portrait mode. Previous versions of Libreoffice worked as expected. The problem is Libreoffice.

The bug is fixed in 6.0 & 5.4.4

Unfortunately, 5.4.4 or higher does not appear to be available for the Mac on the LibreOffice web site. I too ran into this bug while attempting (not the first time) to adopt LibreOffice Writer as my main writing tool.

It’s a great idea, but while we keep hoping the Linux under-layer of Mac OS X will make it easy to port to the Mac, in practice ‘there is always something’ which prevents the program from being fully usable.

Yes, 5.4.4 is due next month, and 6.0 is for early Feb 2018.

Btw: who told you about Libux underlayer of masOS? :slight_smile: That person had misguided you. No Linux there; the BSD is completely other OS which looks similar.