Document Assembly with LO (redux)

Hi, looking for open-source document assembly solutions / libraries.

We have a set of industrial laboratory systems that generate a lot of data. Ideally, we would like to include a native capability in that equipment that would take that raw data, bounce against a set of templates, and then generate open document format files (writer, draw, pdf, etc).

Can LO or it’s libraries do this for us? Are there command line options, API calls, third-party extensions, etc that could be used?

Thanks for the discussion opportunity!

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As is, your question does not contain enough technical information for any decent answer. How does the data look like? Does it need to be conditioned and converted first? (probably yes) What is the goal, in other words how would like the end documents?

I bet that the answer is “work your data before submitting it to any application”.

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May be you are interested in as a starting point.

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