Document Assembly

Does anyone know of an open source document assembly software solution that works with LibreOffice?

or maybe there is some functionality built into LIbreOffice already?

We are new to LibreOffice.

We have to prepare advice documents that can be as short as 3 pages but as long as 80 pages. We quite often have standard inserts (a little like legal precedents) that are added to the document. So we need to maintain a large library of standard text inserts

In addition we have reports to regularly prepare for clients, that need to merge reports/ tables from other software like portfolio performance etc.

Lastly, are there people who can help us with the above on a consulting basis (i.e help us build templates etc in LIbreOffice etc)

Could you also edit into your question desired output format? If you’re looking to produce a PDF, then PDFTK (for which there are GUI front-ends for every platform) is your friend. How this might be “automated” in your context is another issue.

There’s a LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice extension called Organon which might well address your needs. For me, sadly, it doesn’t work with current LibO versions, but I used it in the past. Perhaps a contact with its developer would be some help for “consulting” on your doc assembly? Or funding its maintenance for open source community? :slight_smile:

Your question is unclear. If you are trying to merge different documents to produce some desktop publishing output take a look at scribus.

Not very much detail on your process. If your standard inserts consist of “regular” text (meaning paragraph or group of paragraphs) inserted as part of some text flow (it is part of the logical semantic sequence of ideas), have a look on the master document feature.

Your “inserts” can be be included as sub-documents from user library directory(-ies).

For side-text, i.e. something like frames outside main text semantic flow, matter may be a little more difficult and information is needed on content and workflow.

It sounds like what you need is a way to store and manage the text you insert. There is a product that does that.
At there is a free version of a program that has a minimal editor but will allow you to have an organized library of parts. It uses the clipboard to get text in or out and is independent of the editor or word processor used. An important feature is that each text item has an attached description. The text item and the description can both be searched. If you use it with LibreOffice you will be able to do most of what you described.