Document auto-save?

Is there an option in Writer to auto-save as the document is being typed up?

In Tools - Options (Preferences in Mac systems) - Load/Save - General is an option to save autorecovery data regularly. That doesn’t really save the file though, you still have to Save (Ctrl+S or click tool button) it.

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Ah, I see, that’s a shame, would have been a useful feature coming from a Google Docs environment. Thanks!


no - there is no AutoSave functionality in the sense of “Save my current document every x minutes”.


Don’t confuse terms

  • AutoRecovery (see Tools -> Options -> Load/Save - General -> [ ] Save AutoRecovery every # minutes), which saves recovery information useful in case of a crash and which gets deleted if you finish your work.

  • AutoBackup (see Tools -> Options -> Load/Save - General -> Always create a backup copy), which creates a backup copy whenever you save a file.

with what you are asking for.

If you want an AutoSave/Backup functionality you need to look for extension Timestamp Backup or create your own user code (macro)

Excellent, thanks!