Document conversion failed

Trying to convert document by following commend:

"C:\Program Files\LibreOfficeDev 6\program\soffice.bin" --convert-to "html:XHTML Writer File:UTF8" --outdir "C:\Users\LAZNA\Desktop" "C:\Users\LAZNA\Desktop\shromazdeni.doc"

but got following error:

convert C:\Users\lazna\Desktop\shromazdeni.doc -> C:\Users\LAZNA\Desktop\shromazdeni.html using filter : XHTML Writer File:UTF8
Error: Please verify input parameters... (SfxBaseModel::impl_store <file:///C:/Users/LAZNA/Desktop/shromazdeni.html> failed: 0x81a(Error Area:Io Class:Parameter Code:26))

Source document accessible here

Libre Office alpha 1 (previous versions cant handle windows console conversion at all)

Works here with latest master. Could it be a glitch in a daily build you use?

Btw: any specific reason to use soffice.bin instead of simple soffice (which would pick up com extension in 6.3, specifically designed for the task)?

Btw2: the claim “previous versions cant handle windows console conversion at all” is not fully correct: previous versions handle command line conversions fine, but may (or may not, depending on version of LO and Windows and stars in the sky) fail to output result/errors to console properly.

Just download this alpha to test if console conversion on windows was fixed, have no idea what another version I should check. Have no any reason to call .bin, probably see it somewhere. Calling only soffice does not make any change.

BTW: Now, some reason, behave same as in version, not produce any file nor any error message. Windows 10 / 64bit :-/

Very strange. Just downloaded alpha1 from pre-releases, and installed it. Running "C:\Program Files\LibreOfficeDev 6\program\soffice" --convert-to "html:XHTML Writer File:UTF8" --outdir "C:\Users\mikek\Desktop" D:\Downloads\2941946_984090_shromazdeni.doc succeeds fine (as well as without redundant UTF8).

How do I turn on some debug loogging? --backtrace seems no longer working

no debug in “release” builds (and that alpha was built that way). You might try daily builds from Index of /daily/master/ - no idea if they include logging or not though. Of course, making own build gives you full control, but takes time and has a learning curve.