Document Does Not Display Properly On Second Monitor

I think this is a bug but want to make sure. I have a MacBook Pro with a second monitor. When I open a LO document, it displays fine on the laptop’s screen but when I drag it over to the second monitor, there are black spaces in the status bar at the bottom and the text is real small, e.g. “Page 7 of 13”. It looks like each of those components doesn’t fill up the space of its container. This happens with the rulers too. Then if I expand the window to full screen, the page is displayed shifted to the right so that half the page is off the screen and there is no scroll bar to view it.

This started happening after I upgraded the Mac OS to Big Sur and the Libre Office to 7.1.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How do I report a bug?

How do I report a bug?

Introduction - Bugs

Thanks. I will report this.

I reinstalled LO 7.0.4 and the problem is no longer there. So it is definitely a bug with 7.1. I submitted a bug report: if anyone else runs into this problem.