Document in Writer always jumps to first page after printing command

When choosing to print only a particular page in a document, the program always jumps to the first page after giving the printing O.K. command.
Is there a way to avoid this annoying behaviour?

Could you add what operating system you are using, and what version of LO? Have you noticed this behaviour only on your platform?

I am using Windows 7 64bit and my LO version is
After entering the print command (O.K. cmd), printing is O.K., but the document
jumps to the first page after that. This is occurs after every print cmd.

Is there nobody on this forum facing this same problem???
I have tried several things to get rid of this problem. Getting the feeling this
is a bug in writer…

Some extra info: I do not face this problem when I select ‘all pages’…

(LO v4.1.5.2 on Windows 7 64bit)

When printing a single page (e.g.: page 4 of 10 pages):

The view of the document remains on page 4 if the cursor position is on page 4;

the view of the document jumps to page 1 if the cursor position is on page 1.