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I don’t know much about bash and scripts, but I did find the Edit, File, Properties window, and I put a little note there for myself while I was testing the forms, so I don’t have to open the whole thing to remember if it passed or failed.

The notes were there when I highlighted the form name, until I did something else. Now, it’s gone. If I go back into edit, file, properties, it’s still in there, I just can’t see it by highlighting the form in the main window. Is there a way to make it stay where I can see it without having to click, click, click.

If not, is there another way I can have a note. It’s not permanent documentation, just temporary notes.

Using the File | Properties you can add a few fields as below:

and you can view these from the top level by selecting Document Information as shown:

I note that after editing and closing the form, the information panel appears blank until you click on the form name. I’d guess this is to update the document information that may have changes, such as modification time.