Document was simply reverted to a previous version and there are no recoveries

I’m really desperate right now. I wrote several pages of my book, saved it on three different locations, on my hard drive, on my pen drive and on One Drive, and to my surprise today when I tried to open it the document was simply reverted to what it was 10 days, meaning all of the changes I’ve made are completely lost. I tried pressing Ctrl+Z, tried to look for auto backups, and everything but it’s like I’ve never even touched the document since 10 days ago, even the date is from 10 days ago now. I don’t get it, there were no power outages, I saved the file several times during my writing, I backed it up on 3 different places and it’s just gone. I really can’t take those risks anymore and I’ll have to do something like write on different programs at the same time if that’s a common occurrence, which is a shame because LibreOffice is the best.

Also, there’s nothing on my recycle bin, neither on OneDrive’s recycle bin. It’s all gone.

Maybe OneDrive sync is culprit, this Microsoft Answers question OneDrive deleted local files and started syncing old files has something similar to your situation.

Maybe, remove pen drive immediately after copying file to it.