Documentation is unclear

  1. You need to be a lot more explicit for Mac users. When I double clicked on what downloaded, I got a box with a green header and two icons with an arrow in between. To me, this meant drag what had downloaded into the Applications folder, which I did, then hd to do a screen-sharing session with Applecare to learn what everybody else apparently knows: That is a functional window, not just instructions to do something somewhere else.
  2. The GETTING STARTED manual needs revision: p. 20 “On computers operating Mac OS X, only a menu entry for LibreOffice is added to the Applications menu.” This confused even the Applecare rep. It’s not a “menu,” it’s a folder. Searching Mac “HELP” for a menu gets you nothing.
  3. How am I supposed to know what these tags mean? How about a tag “NewbieSuggests”

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