Documenting Calc Zoom

Hello Everybody

Reviewing the Calc Zoom Help page, I found some hard time to catch the meaning of predefined zoom options in the user interface (View - Zoom):

  • Entire Page: resizes the display to fit the width and height of the output page.
  • Page Width: resizes the display to fit the width of the output page, limited to the minimum and maximum zoom factor. The top and bottom edges of the selection may not be visible.
  • Optimal View: ???
  • 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200%: predefined zoom factors.

Can someone confirm my undestanding and let me know what is the Optimal View?


Optimal view: Select a range of cells and press Optimal view it will zoom to that range.
If only 1 cell is selected then it will zoom to 100%

Also Zoom & View Layout


Thank you!
Makes perfect sense.

For me,* up to 400% if there is window space.
*LO on Windows.