Documents opened from folders open as read only

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Windows 7; English

When I open a folder and click on a document, it opens as a read only document. These are all documents originally created in LibreOffice, and they open just fine if I open LibreOffice, browse to the folder, and then open it, but it’s rather annoying that it’s suddenly being so picky about things. I’ve never had this problem before (like 2 days ago is when it seemed to start?) but I wonder if there is some setting I’m missing or some other issue that I can switch to make it stop. Any ideas?

Please test if selecting the file and wait a bit for double click solves the issue.

Before opening the file, Right click and move cursor down to bottom of list to “Properties” , open and go to permissions, see if file is read only or read and write. If read only then change and open. This probably is not a permanent fix, but will at least get you to a read-write file. Double check the permission status before saving the file.

It isn’t marked read only, but it still opens as a read only document. This appears to only happen to documents I have to save as .doc :frowning: But thank you for your answer! If the document type wasn’t required by my school, I’d use the default instead since those all open okay.