Documents units: How to change from inches to mm?

I just downloaded the newest version of LibreOffice. I would need to change the documents units from inches to mm. Everywhere I read on the Net, it tells me that I need to go to “Tools > options”, but this seems to have changes in the new version?
Thx for any feedback you can give me on this!

I do not know if it is pertinent, but thank you, it works in Ubuntu 16.04, Libre Office version:

You need to change units in Tools, Options, , General. But this is done application per application.

So if you want to change units for Write, you should open LibreOffice Writer and then go to Tools, Options, click on LibreOffice Writer (on the left list, click on the + sign if needed to expand options) and then on General. On the right panel you should see Settings, Measurement unit

Hope this helps :wink:

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Get to the tools tab, or find Libre office writer> general look for measurements unit there you can select what you wish. I had taken a screen shot to upload but for some reason I’m not allowed to, something having to do with >3 points required.