"docx" file not properly supported

Someone sent me a one-page .docx file to review which was basically eight text boxes in a two-row by four-column format. The first row was fine but on the second all four boxes were on top of each other on the right side of the screen, and it was an unreadable mess. I went online and this issue was not unheard of, but I also read that typically .docx files are readable online in Google Docs. I put a copy of the file up on Google Drive and I could read the document easily. In my humble opinion Libre Office Writer ought to be able to easily read any Word file format that Google can, I get that some of these Word file formats contain presentation ambiguities but if Google could figure it out Libre can. (This was in Libre Writer

This site is for questions and answers about LibreOffice usage. Your post contains no question and is therefore inappropriate here. Bugs should be reported to Bugzilla.

Please read this document and especially what it states about bugs (and enhancement requests).

You do not give some of the basic information which is actually very relevant. For example: What operating system are you running? The language setting for your system? The language setting for Google drive? The paper size for your system and Google Drive? Etc.

The more information you give here, and especially if you file a possible bug, the more likely somebody may be able to look at the problem.

Windows 10 64 bit English. What possible difference does paper size make? Incorrect screen presentation is incorrect screen presentation. It’s disturbing that it got the first row right and screwed up the second, if it could get the first one right all it would have to do is do what it got right for the first row on the second. I guess “unexpected behavior” qualifies because I expect the screen presentation to be correct so if it isn’t the behavior is unexpected. I’m certainly not making an enhancement request because I expect the presentation to be correct, it shouldn’t have to be enhanced to make it correct. Actually from the way you’re making complaints about everything I’m saying I shouldn’t report this to Bugzilla either, I should just throw out this hideous collection of bugs and settle down with Google Docs my new standard replacement for Microsoft Word, since you folks just can’t seem to handle even the fundamental issue without all this hair tearing and the ad hominem attacks.