.docx files continually open in Libre Draw

I have been trying to open several .docx files but all refuse to open and edit in writer even though they show the file association in properties and icon. I have tried opening via double click as well as through open command in writer.
System is Win 7, all current, LibreOffice Version:
Build ID: 0a0440ccc0227ad9829de5f46be37cfb6edcf72

Other than that awesome work people, great application suite, had to make switch as Office 365 disabled my CAD program, would much rather pass on licence fee to you. Thanks

I am sorry to read that docx files did not open while using LibO4.1.4.2 on W7. I run the same LibO version on XP and have no problems. The last file I opened about 10 min ago. Thus it works.

I assume the problem has to do with your way of opening the docx files in LibO. Could you please describe how you open the files? This information is needed to help you.

This does not answer the question. I have the same problem, it does not matter how I open the docx file, it opens in draw every time. I am using Ubuntu.