Docx Mime Typed Failed

I created a resume in .odf format. I had trouble using that file with HR systems so I save a copy in both .docx and .pdf. However, I made a change yesterday and now every upload fails with a “Mime Type Failed” message? I’m on Win 10 using the latest LO version.

Try saving odf as .doc just for the upload. If PDF fails and PDF is acceptable then probably a recent fault in HR system, maybe wait and try later.

So I changed the file to .doc and it was accepted. However, I should mention that the .docx and .pdf files were rejected with the same error from several different HR systems, so probably not the HR system. I guess for now I’ll use .doc but is there a way to check/edit the file MIME type?

It probably is the HR systems. Some are likely to be older technology that they keep running for cost reasons, so probably accept only .doc, .rtf, and PDF-A (File > Export as Pdf… tick the PDF/A box)

How exactly did you save a copy of the file?

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For the PDF I originally took my .docx and did “Export As… PDF”. For the .doc file I took my original .docx file and did “Save as… changed file type to .doc”.