Docx SAXException ?

I’m trying to open a .docx file with LO and this error message apears:
SAXException: [word/document.xml line 2]: Opening and ending tag mismatch: txbxContent line 0 and sdtContent

Could anyone help me please ?!


@aniniani: the document structure is really damaged. I don’t see an easy way to recover it. But the question is, how have you got the document? did you create it in LO? which version and on what OS? did you work with the document as DOCX from start, or did you use ODT initially? what actions have you done to get the problem?

Having this information would enable us to reproduce the problem, and fix it if it’s a LibreOffice fault. Also it could possibly help to understand the corruption, and offer a recovered document.

All this requires that you file a bug report and provide all the required information there. If you have a previous working version of the document, please attach it there, too. If you have the reproduction steps, please mention them there clearly. After that, please mention the filed bug report in a comment here.