Docx writer document table content background coloer

after saving and reopening, docx writer document, table content, character, background color has changed. 006699 to 008080
The remainder of the cell does not change color.

I subsequently tried this in ODT format and that does not change the background color.

So saving to DOCX and reopening seems to be the cause.

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Always work and save in ODF format; only Save As a different format, when finished, if a different format is absolutely needed by a third party. Note that MS Office (from about 2007) alleges to be able to open ODF format files.

If you have no original in .odt, conversion to .docx has lost initial information. As M$ Word has far few less style features, your formatting has been downgraded to a compatible state. To restore the document, save it as odt (formatting will be in the “compatible” state), then restyle everything in Writer concepts.

See related answer. By the way, this do not happen to table background, but to highlighted text. Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

automatic table of contents created with libreoffice and saved in .docx format causes page numbers to be messy, please fix it immediately, this will be difficult when creating a table of contents…

This is not at all a solution to the original problem but definitely a request to developers. Such requests should be submitted in Bugzilla. Either remove your “non-answer” or turn it into a comment.

IMHO, there is no chance your request would be accepted because it is related to a (severe) weakness of DOCX format. If you create documents with Writer, save them native (.odt); otherwise be consistent and purchase a licence for Word. If you review documents you’ve received from external sources, don’t attempt to add fancy decorations to them. There are already enough compatibility problems with basic formatting to avoid adding more.


the problem is not there. I have consistently used writers, but the majority of publishers use word so that the page format that I wrote using a writer is opened by them, all the pages are messy. Indeed, on average, publishers do not use writers. This is the problem, I want to continue to use Libre Office but the book publishers don’t use it, so it should be possible with a solution. to be compatible

Pada tanggal Sen, 8 Agt 2022 15.55, ajlittoz via Ask LibreOffice <> menulis:

I stay on my position your “non-answer” has nothing to do with initial question. Your “non-answer” plus the additional comment shows it is a totally different issue. So ask your own question, giving maximum details (OS name, LO version, the fact that you use .docx and Word version at the publisher’s). Meanwhile, to minimise problems, work and save native, i.e..odt, converting only to send to the print shop. Remember also that direct formatting documents is the most reliable way to get messy results after conversion.
After having created your own question, delete your thread here.

PS: explain what “messy page numbers” are. Do you mean you added page numbers manually and they are now out of sync?


The problem is in your question. You jump into a random topic, ask an unrelated question using inappropriate tool (answer), and request “fix it immediately”, both making your post an off-topic (bug reports are not appropriate on this site), and showing incorrect expectations (you can’t expect any “immediate” actions, unless you have a contract with someone who would provide you professional support).

Please follow @ajlittoz’ advise and post your questions separately, adhering to this site’s rules.

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