Does a GPO install include installation of VC runtime?

Up to LibO 5 I could create GPOs to install it on my systems, without having to install any pre-requisites. I’m about to start deploying LibO 6 now, but I’ve noticed that on normal (single PC) installations at some point VC++ runtime gets installed.

How should I tackle this? Create a separate GPO to install VC++ runtime first?

Starting with 6.1, the built-in installation of UCRT was modified again to be installed also in unattended installation scenario.

Not an expert here, so does this mean that it will be installed automatically?

Yes, it should be. If you find issues, please file a bug report, and ping here with a link to the report, so that I could see.

Also please never state version like “6”. At least here in LO, both first and second digits have the same major meaning, so “6” is useless, while “6.0”, “6.1”, and “6.2” all refer to different major releases.

Thanks Mike, worked like a charm.

BTW, I did not reference the minor version since I mentioned a major version upgrade, I implied that I would update to the latest.

Just to reiterate: “.0”, “.1” etc. are not minor in LibreOffice, they are part of major version number. So again: 6.0 is a major version, 6.2 is a different major version, and 6.2.2 is a second minor (bugfix) version in 6.2. In other words, 5.4 is just as different from 6.0 as 6.0 is different from 6.1. And 6.2 currently is considered less stable than 6.1, which would not be the case if 6.2 were “minor”.

Missed that detail, thanks for taking the time to point it out.