Does Base support Filemaker Pro .fp10 files?

I am taking over a project which has information saved in a Filemaker Pro .fp10 file format. I need to read and/or be able to convert this format to a generic db format like MySQL or to an Access format. Can this be done with LibreOffice Base?

I am brand new to LibreOffice. (Installed and started to look at it about 4 hours ago.) However, I’ve been using Filemaker for many years and am still using FMP V10. (Remember that FMP was developed by Apple, so it is not compatible with anything else.) On various occasions, I have needed to use some kind of link from FMP to another DB package. I’ve never found anything that works. That doesn’t mean there isn’t one; just that I’ve never found one. I’ve had a play with LibreBase and cannot see any way of getting anything out of a FMP DB other than garbage.
Your best bet, if it isn’t too much work, is to export the FMP data into CSV (or an option that suits you) and go from there.
I hope that someone better informed than I am says I’m wrong but after a month, I doubt it.

It might be possible to connect Base to a FM10 database via suitable JDBC or ODBC drivers (provided by FM). See HERE and HERE. Otherwise export CSV format from FM (as Ozpaul suggested) - see HERE and HERE.