Does Dragon Medical One work with LibreOffice 5?

I’m using Windows 7 and Dragon Medical One 3.5, and have just installed LibreOffice, which is current as of today (2018-Jan-15). After reading several questions about Dragon here, I’ve turned on the assistive technology tools in the Options section of Writer. When attempting to dictate into Writer, DMO’s Dictation Box pops up and captures all of the text. If I then say “transfer text”, the text does transfer into Writer.

This makes it useless for me. Dictation needs to flow directly into a document to be efficient.

From what I’ve read here so far, this problem has existed for a long time. Will it get fixed? If not, I’ll have to abandon LibreOffice and move on to some other system.

First you may try with 5.4.4 and probably with 6.0.0. (currently RC1 of