Does Firebird 3.0's Window Function work in LO Base 6.4?

Does Firebird 3.0’s Window Function work in LO Base 6.4?

I have this query written in SQL:

SELECT “Date”, “Qty”, SUM( “Qty” ) OVER (Order by “Date” ) as “Daily Qty” FROM “Inventori”

Somehow, the command
Sum (“Qty”) Over (Order by “Date”)

is automatically changed by LO Base with
Sum (“Qty”) Over ()

I have also tried to put the command on the normal query design mode, but the same thing happens. Does anybody have an Idea what went wrong?

Thank you.


You should read this → Ask/Getting Started - The Document Foundation Wiki


Yes the “Window” functions work in Base. You need to turn on the Run SQL command directly function. This bypasses the interpreter which doesn’t allow many items in Firebird or other databases. It is a toggle icon on the toolbar or available from the Edit menu selection:

image description

Thank you for your prompt answer Ratslinger. You’re genius. The problem is solved.

But I’m wondering. As I turn on the “Run SQL command directly”, suddenly I cannot retreive/select data from another query. (which is possible in ‘normal mode’) The error sign is

firebird_sdbc error:
*Dynamic SQL Error
*SQL error code = -204
*Table unknown
*At line 9, column 1
caused by

You’re genius.

Sorry - not even close to being one.

The problem is solved.

Please mark answer as such.

But I’m wondering.

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