Does Libre Office include a feature to open a text doc at the point where the last edit save was performed like Open Office?

Open Office allowed me to make an “unnecessary change” and save it so the next time I opened the doc it went right to that part of the doc. This is VERY useful for large files which can take months to re-write and edit!


yes it does that by default, however you need to add at least one information at: Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> User Data -> Field: First/last name/initials

Background: In times of cooperation and different people working on a single document, the information is stored within the document on a “per-editor-of-the-document”-basis. And if there is no user data, no information can be stored.

Hope that helps

Adding only initials don’t work; first or last name is required. Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

I added first and last names and initials and it worked the first time. Thank you, Opaque!

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