Does Libre open Pages documents?


Before I possibly switch to Libre… I have 17years of Mac formatted Pages & Appleworks files and need to know whether will LibreOffice open them?

Thank you…

Brenda Lana Smith R. af D.

See;a=commit;h=239368b5f87bfc0b9b2fec3965607fe5717369d0, it’s not usable by an end user yet, though.

@vmiklos, by “not usable” do you mean it is not available to end users yet or the indicate merge only provides basic functionality in the current version of LO? Also, refer the answers here.

I mean that it’s not yet integrated to LO, and probably there is a reason for that. :slight_smile: When the filter is advanced enough to be interesting in practice, then the integration usually happens as well.

Support for iWork '09 and older files (Pages / Numbers) now enabled in v5.0.

LibreOffice is able to open AppleWorks since the new version.

Apple Pages can’t be open right now, but there are some people working on a new (so called) import filter.