Does LibreOffice base work with SQl server 2012 without special drivers, etc

Can I get an answer about using LibreOffice 4.3 Base with Sql Server 2012 without special drivers, or using MySql or JDBC or other methods? I believe Base should probably connect using Ado, or, same as Sql Server Management Studio would do. Thanks for any replies or advice.

I do not have an exact answer, but here is some related information:

  • LO help page for ADO Connection. A macro using this form of connection is offered in this alternate forum thread.
  • Old, but frequently cited page giving instructions for Connecting to an MSSQL Server using JDBC. Also note the related information in this Apache OO forum thread about IP addresses and restarting.
  • For MySQL / MariaDB there is plenty of information available, such as this Apache OO wiki page.