Does LibreOffice have a 'Reveal Codes' functionality like WordPerfect?

The Reveal Codes functionality of WordPerfect is a very handy mechanism for users to see the structure of their document and make changes underneath the WYSIWYG layer.

LibreOffice has a Navigator, a tool that provides the ability to work with the layout and structure of your document in multiple ways. Additional information about the Navigator may be found in the LibreOffice Manuals, with an overview in “Getting Started with LibreOffice,” and more detailed information in each component-level manual.

Of course, the ‘Reveal Codes’ feature of WordPerfect provides a different set of tools to the user than the LibreOffice Navigator, so we also have an enhancement request to add this functionality to LibreOffice:

  • Bug 34002 - EDITING - Add Reveal Codes feature like there is in WordPerfect - (NEW)