Does LibreOffice have comparable program to MS Excel's Data Analysis Toolpak? If so, how to install,use, etc. I'm taking a class and need done by Saturday.

Teacher wants us to install to then utilize Data Analysis Toolpak in program. I’m taking an online course and homework is due by this Saturday. I’m a journo, statistics is not my bag. Hence the class. Help is appreciated.


As in LibreOffice ‘Math’ (‘Equation Editor’) is the component concerned with pretty formulae, I changed the tags to better meet the content.
( @Lupp )


I do not know if all the functions are similar but LibreOffice Calc has since version 4.2 an equivalent module, menu Data Statistics: Sampling, Descriptive Statistics, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Correlation, Covariance, Exponential Smoothing, Moving Average, t-test, F-test, z-test,Chi-square Test…

New features are added to each version (4.3, 4.4)


An additional remark: This doesn’t need any installation. It’s simply there. (Excel, too, seemingly comes with the “toolpak”, but doesn’t show it in the silly “ribbon” by default. This monster of an UI might overflow if expected to provide access to the complete range of tools by default.)

As I didn’t much statistics for a long time now, I cannot reliably judge. A short visit to the English (GB) help texts concerning the ‘Data’ > ‘Statistics’ tools with Version 4.4.3, however, showed a rather well expressed and complete description. It doesn’t teach statistics, of course.