does libreoffice have dictionary lookup? if not, why not. do a upgrade with dictionary lookup

Are you going to do a new version with dictionary lookup in it. Good tool to have!

What exactly do you mean with “dictionary lookup”?

UPDATE 2016.0322

Although I am a MS-Office power user, I am somewhat of a newbie to LO. Over the years, I have often found that a particular limitation does not lie in the software; it lies in my knowledge of that software.

Besides helping others on this forum, answering questions helps me to learn as well. To that point, I just found what I believe is the “real” answer to your question while working on a project of my own.

Go to Tools > Thesaurus. This will open the Thesaurus window. Scroll through the Alternatives pane to review the detailed presentation of alternatives to the contents of the Current word combo box.

Alternatives are classified by grammatical usage, and this very classification provides you with a definition of sorts. You can also select from the alternatives to replace the current word.

As with MS-Word, this tool can be used offline. Once again, LO impresses me.

@joeriz, I would probably have found this useful feature much later had I not been thinking about your question. Thanks for helping to expand my knowledge of LO.


If you are referring to a dictionary as a thesaurus/spell-check/grammar check tool, then:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids
  2. Click Help and read for instructions on how to use this set of tools
If you are referring to a dictionary in the classic sense that includes word definitions, my suggestion would be to type "define xyz" (where "xyz" is the word for which you are searching) in your browser. You can then select from any one of the links that appear.

It’s not exactly the same as the dictionary tool in MS-Word, and it does require web access – but it does the job very well for me. I use this approach quite often.

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