Does LibreOffice have wildcards that search any text and replace with the same

Does LibreOffice Writer have search and replace wildcards that are comparable to <*> and ^& in Word? I want to search any string and replace it with the same string with modification.

For example, I would search for any string that was bolded (<*> with bold on in Word), and then replace it with the same string with bbbb before and after (bbbb^&bbbb in Word). This allows me to mark all the instances of bold in a document before converting to plain text (i.e. removing every scrap of formatting in a document by running it through Notepad). When I’m through removing formatting, I can then go back, find all the bbbb, and convert them back into bold text.

Any idea if it is possible to do that?


It seams to me that you lookup .+ as Search string and bbbb&bbbb as Replace

That did it. Thanks!