Does LibreOffice support Adobe Type 1 fonts or not

Trying to follow thread on fdo#37453. I don’t see an answer and I don’t have time to continue searching. I’m evaluating whether to us LO or not. Type 1 fonts may not be important to most business users, but I am a graphic designer and they are very important to me. I live in a world where font metrics do matter.

Please, short answer, YES or NO.

Answers must be 15 characters at least;-): NO

Reference: LibreOffice 5.3: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki states in section General:

  • Support for Type 1 fonts has been removed (Khaled Hosny)

First hit when typing type 1 into the Search or ask your question box: How can I get Type 1 font bitstream charter again? (I used to have it)

And really, if you are a graphics designer you shouldn’t rely on outdated and inferior font technology.