Does LibreOffice support Engineering (a.k.a. Technical) notation?

In my old Hewlett Packard C 25 pocket calculator I had the choice between three notations (formats). Beside Fixed comma and Scientific you had also Technical notation. Technical is different type of Scientific notation. With Scientific notation you would display 100 000 as 1.10⁵ while Technical notation would display it as 100.10³ to help you to see the kilo or mega, giga or milli, micro and pico values easier. It would use only 3, 6, 9 and 12 exponents.

59 200 000 is displayed as 59,2 . 10⁶

5 920 000 is displayed as 5,92 . 10⁶

592 000 is displayed as 592 . 10³

It also allowed you to choose the number of digits after the comma, zero would be like in the previous examples. With one digit would be:

59 200 000 is displayed as 59,20 . 10⁶

5 920 000 is displayed as 5,920 . 10⁶

592 000 is displayed as 592,0 . 10³

Since we live in a technical world why was this never implemented in spreadsheet world? My feature request is to both include this old HP like technical notation but also extend it to optionally display the exponent as letter k,M,G, m, μ, p

Please note that I use the European comma, not the US dot notation

Please take a look to this thread in libreoffice forum.

How can I display numbers in engineering notation - like scientific notation, but exponent restricted to multiples of 3?

Related enhancement is fdo#30716.

Is there a way to display it as k, M, etc instead of E+3?