Does libreoffice support firebird's events

Please excuse my ignorance.
I previous lives I used Firebird events to trigger actions in clients.
In Firebird event notifications are initiated by Post_Event ‘Event name’ in a trigger.
Clients listen for these asynchronous events and respond to them.

Does LibreOffice support Firebird events?



Only answer is that it does not seem to work. Tried example from this post → Chapter 6: Firebird Events. All was added correctly but there was no event displayed in Base and no errors noted. This was done with Firebird server v3.0.2 on Ubuntu 18.04

Probably best to post as a Bug here → Bugzilla.

Somewhat related is this bug report → tdf#122048

Also in the Firebird-3.0.4-ReleaseNotes a fix noted:

POST_EVENT was not working with the Fb 3.0 server and client.