Does libreoffice support Office365 for business?

Our company has an office 365 account with SSO.
The login is via and the service is via

I want to collaborate with co-workers in a word document.
I want to use libreoffice for this, since the online Word client ( does not support all layout features.

Is is possible to use the office 365 for business SSO in Libreoffice writer?

Thanks for all help!

online Word client ( does not support all layout features

I wouldn’t have thought so, apparently the online client doesn’t support extra features

Why do you want to use LibreOffice for this when you can use your business’ license for MSO 365? MSO has features that LibreOffice lacks, or implements sufficiently differently that you can say that they aren’t fully compatible. It’s always safest to use the same software when you share files for work.

Yups. Online version does not support things as background, header/footer, copy-paste with font-types, set color if numberedlist-nummers etc etc etc etc
for now the workaround is downloading a Demo VM from Microsoft, and install office via the Office 365 for business subsription.

But this is silly.

If I could use libreoffice to edit and realtime-collaborate with my co-workers, that would be awesome. :slight_smile: