Does LO have a simple command or function to remove duplicate records in Calc?

We have 600 members in our organization. The database in Calc has been polluted with duplicates as a result of too many hands in the soup. Three different versions of the membership list were lumped together, so now we have an 1146 member org (Not).
I don’t have Excel but I know it has a relatively simple Remove Duplicates feature. I would have thought LO would have a similar feature by now but it doesn’t seem to.

All I want to do is eliminate the duplicate member records. Is there a quick way to do this in LO?

Titusville, FL

I’m running Win 7 Home.

I assume that the MSO function to remove duplicates works only if an entire row or column is exactly the same. Reading your description of the situation with your member list, I get the impression that the chance to have exact matching data is pretty small. Thus partial manual work is needed.

I would simply sort by first name and family name and a 3rd sorting criteria which might be helpful. This should enable you to quickly identify the duplicates which are, and which are not 100% the same.

Choose Data - Filter - Standard Filter - More and see option No duplication

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to try it.

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