Does LO support RTF \field SYMBOL tag?


I’m wondering if LO3.6 supports the RTF tag "\field SYMBOL". I’ve been using this tag with OOo 3 for inserting checkboxes of “Windings 2” font, but when I open the file with LO3.6 the checkbox is not shown.

Besides, I’ve created a new blank RTF document with LO3.6 and inserted the Windings 2 checkbox. But the resulting RTF doesn’t have the expected RTF tag: {\field{\*\fldinst SYMBOL 82 \\f "Wingdings 2" \\s 12}. Moreover, if I try to open the generated file with Microsoft Office 2010 the checkbox is not shown properly.

Thanks for your help

Hi @vguardiola, If OOo 3 supported the RTF tag “\field SYMBOL”, then LO should typically support that RTF feature as well. This sounds like a bug! Please file a bug about this problem. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue! Thanks!

Hi @vguardiola, did you upgrade your windows? Windings 2 does not come with Win7 (Vista I don’t know). It was part of MSWorks which was dumped by MS with Office 2010. Check if Windings2 is installed.

No, it is not supported:

As suggested above, file a bugreport if you want the developers to implement it.