Does (or will) LibreOffice support AmiPro files?

I was a big fan of Lotus AmiPro (word processor) years ago and still have several old AmiPro lying around. I’ve read that since IBM bought Lotus and is no longer offering the lotus suite of office products anymore, much of the source code to that suite was given to the LibreOffice and OpenOffice teams to use.

So does LibreOffice (specifically Writer) have the ability to open old AmiPro files? Would it be that difficult to update LibreOffice with that functionality since the source code has been released?

I’d appreciate the feedback. Thank you for your time.

AmiPro is extremely old and LO cannot open them. You can try to open them and see if anything shows up and try to save as much as possible.

If you find an old Lotus Smartsuite on the Internet buy it, open your .SAM files there and save it as .DOC files, these files are readable by LO. This is the best solution in my experience, I had a lot of Lotus files to transfer.

Source Tranfer: I know IBM gave the source of IBM/Lotus Symphony to the Apache organisation which resulted in the sidebar in LO. But Symphony was based on an older OpenOffice version and could not import any Lotus files.

Edit: I have the latest Smartsuite 9.8.2 (2005) and could also translate your Amipro to .DOC files. Same conditions as @Lupp.

AmiPro was, together with Lotus 1-2-3, succeeded by the Lotus SmartSuite of IBM in about 1994, wasn’t it? The SmartSuite surely could handle AmiPro (SAM) files. Alas, the most recent version of SmartSuite was published in 2002. That’s some age in softawre world.

I personally have retrieved a working StarOffice 5.2 of 2000 which can open, reformat and pass very old files. Whether or not the also retained installer will work on a nowadays system I didn’t try - and I have it in German only. If you have just a few SAM-files you want to convert I might do it for you. Of course, there shouldn’t be confidential content.