Does Report Builder have a concatenate formula/function?

I’ve been trying Report Builder and it seems quite a bit more stable than the last time I gave it a try, which is wonderful - thanks to all the people at LO for that!

Now I’m trying to do a production report and would like to concatenate fields, such as first + last, or city + state + zip. However, I can’t get anything to work. Since there’s also not a CONCATENATE function listed in the wizard, I wonder if this is possible?

I’ve tried all combinations I can think of with single or double quotes, () or [] as fieldname qualifiers, and the “||” operator as well as the concatenate keyword… nothing works.

Having to do all of the variations I may need in SQL is tedious in that it means different views for differently formatted output… which seems like tying “content” and “presentation” together way too closely.

Any help appreciated!
PS: I’ve googled the heck out of it, just for the record :slight_smile:

It works like that: [first]&" "&[last].

Thank you!!! The ampersand – how could I forget the ampersand ?!? I couldn’t think of any other common operator symbols… my mind is betraying me! Thanks again, works great!