Does the corresponding source code for LibreOffice 4.3.7 Still (en-US) include the libreoffice-translations- file?

If the following LibreOffice binaries were to be distributed on physical media (i.e. CD-ROM) where disc space may be limited…

  • LibreOffice_4.3.7_MacOS_x86.dmg (en-US)
  • LibreOffice_4.3.7_Win_x86.msi (en-US)
  • LibreOffice_4.3.7_Win_x86_helppack_en-US.msi

…Then it would seem that the following files would also have to be included in order to provide the corresponding source code for the binaries (from what one understands, some open source licenses such as the LGPLv3 require that the corresponding source code be included when binaries are redistributed):

  • libreoffice-
  • libreoffice-dictionaries-
  • libreoffice-help-

The question is, for the binaries specified previously, would it also be necessary to include the following files in order to provide the source code that corresponds to the binaries?

  • libreoffice-translations-
  • LibreOffice_4.3.7_Win_x86_sdk.msi
  • LibreOffice_4.3.7_MacOS_x86_sdk.dmg

(From what one can tell, the data in the libreoffice-translations- file is applicable to LibreOffice releases that use languages other than en-US but is not necessarily applicable to the en-US release. Also, for a user who wants to build the binaries from source code (which is likely the reason that open source licenses sometimes require that source code be included) but who is not interested in using the SDK, it is not clear that the data in the LibreOffice_4.3.7_Win_x86_sdk.msi and LibreOffice_4.3.7_MacOS_x86_sdk.dmg files would be needed.)