Does the latest version fix the grey "edit filter settings" when save on version 5.1.6? ?

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

Libreoffice Package: libreoffice-writer, 5.1.6~rc2-0ubuntu1~xenial4

I tried to use the “edit filter settings” when saving to the odf document in LibreOffice Writer, but found it’s greyed out.
I noticed a similar question on the opensuse forum: Libreoffice calc cannot edit filter settings

Does the latest version fix the problem? Do I have to upgrade to the latest version?

The question on opensuse is quite detailed, stating which document format is being saved; your does not mention that.

@polang: what is the reason for all there repeated edits, that don’t address the question I mentioned above: what is the format of “the document” you are trying to save from Writer? For one, I doubt that there’s any bug related to your problem (btw, 5.1.6 didn’t have a problem with CSV you mentioned); but given the (lack of any) information, it’s impossible to tell for sure if there really is a bug, let alone if it’s fixed in some version.

ODF documents don’t have any configurable “filter settings”, thus the checkbox is grayed when you select this, unlike with e.g. “Text - Choose Encoding (.txt)”, where there are such settings defined; or the CSV (another foreign file format, which was discussed in the topic you linked to in your question). It’s unclear from where did you take the idea that ODF should have the checkbox enabled.

The filter options are meant for those cases when the format itself isn’t capable of storing essential information about itself (like encoding), and users are required sometimes to set the information explicitly. It’s not the case with LibreOffice’s own native ODF formats.