Does Writer export to PDFs with cut lines?

I sent a PDF that was created by exporting a Writer document to the printers. The printers chopped off all of the margins, basically printing everything right to the edge, even text touches the edge. They claimed the PDF contained something called “cut lines”. Is that something Writer creates, perhaps from the page margins, when exporting the file to PDF? If so, how can I turn the cut lines off so the printer won’t print the file without the margins?

Change your printers, or get them to redo, it was their mistake.

The problem is that Writer can’t add Trims and Bleeds. If you open a Writer pdf in Adobe Acrobat and do a Preflight Analyze it says there are no TrimBox nor ArtBox so there is no allowance for bleeds.

I would not recommend using writer to generate print shop files. Us something intended for actual DTP work. I recomend Scribus
Or for higher end DTP TeXT

You can import the pdf into inDesign to add the printer stuff, maybe your print shop could help with that. However, if it is a simple A4 or Letter size with everything inside the margins (without images extending to the paper edges) then commercial printers do this for businesses every day.