Does Writer Use Gaussian Or Smoothing Algorithms To Blur Images When Scaling?

I am having an issue where I insert a very simple PNG image into LibreOffice 6.3.x and when I scale the image it appears that some sort of Gaussian Blur is being performed on the image when I do not want that. I actually want the image pixelated at its original size characteristics, if that makes any sense. This is what I am seeing in LO6.3 when I insert and scale the image.

This is how it appears in GIMP, which is what I want to see.

And finally, Adobe PSE, just to make sure I am not going crazy.

What am I doing wrong? I looked at all the settings for the graphic once inserted, but saw nothing I could change to affect the image the way I want. Is there a way to scale the image to page width keeping the actual pixel values, like in the image editors?

I think I have a possible solution to this. I am going to use GIMP like the above to zoom and take a screen capture of the image while its enlarged, so that the pixels are apparent at the size I need. After sleeping on this, I am pretty certain LO has no remedy for this kind of issue.

Yeah, exactly what I thought. Blowing the pixels up in a graphics editor and taking a screen capture is perhaps the best way to ensure you see the pixels at lower resolution. This worked fine for me, see below.

This is a workaround to your question, but not a truly answer. And voting for yourself it’s amazing.