doing a new download on windows 7, do I use fresh, still, or both?

I am wondering which program to download on a laptop with windows 7. Currently no LibreOffice programs are loaded. Should I use Fresh 4.3, Still 4.2.6, or both? I need Writer, but would like all components, such as calc, draw, and base.

Duplicate of this question. Both versions contain the same components (Writer, Calc, Impress, etc.).

Still is the production version with less bugs to be used for day-to-day work.

Fresh has all the newest features but also more bugs for early adoptors.

You can install both but only one can be a main program. The second has to be a administrative install see here how to install.

EDIT/ADDON: Please read the Release Notes and the links in there.

I don’t see how Still can be less buggy than a Fresh that is updated every so often.

@rautamiekka, this is difficult to quantify, however I will try. “Still” is further through the bug-fixing lifecycle (more sub-point releases) for the given set of product features. “Fresh” will usually contain the same bug fixes as “Still” however it also contains new features (that come with new bugs not in the “Still” series). There are also bug fixes made in “Fresh” not backported to “Still” (various reasons) but these are less frequent. Each new point-release (v4.x) sees a surge in bugs.